The breeding barn – Inside this stable, you’ll find about 400 head of cattle, calves and “dry” cows, which are animals that don’t actively participate in production. The stable is equipped with external vents to allow the movement of the animals and ensure their well-being.

The stable of the Champions – This is the name of the stable where our beautiful Alpine Brunettes are located, those who contribute to making Parmigiano Reggiano Montecoppe creamier, thanks to their milk rich in proteins and fats. This stable is the most recent and has the characteristic of having the litter boxes and the manger in two separate areas.

The Rays – Inside this stable, the animals are divided by age and number of pregnancies, each of which has its own cubicle. This type of stable is ideal for differentiating groups and hierarchies within the herd. In Montecoppe the differentiation of food is applied, so each animal consumes an ad hoc recipe that varies according to the age and condition of the bovine. Cows are milked twice a day inside the milking parlor and are equipped with a special collar for monitoring production, with a remotely controlled pedometer, useful for planning pregnancies.