Parmigiano reggiano is suitable for everyone because it is naturally lactose free!

Many wonder if our beloved Parmigiano Reggiano contains lactose or not. The answer is no! and you can find it in its making and maturing process.

Lactose is a sugar normally found in milk. During the production process of Parmigiano Reggiano, already in the hours immediately following the cheese-making, a rapid development of lactobacilli takes place, which ferment all the lactose present in the curd in about 6-8 hours. This process is called lactic fermentation, during which, in the first 48 hours, the lactic bacteria transform the lactose sugar into lactic acid causing the disappearance of the galactose as well.

It is for this reason that it is possible to insert the following wording in the labels of Parmigiano Reggiano:

“Parmigiano Reggiano is naturally lactose-free. The absence of lactose is a natural consequence of the typical process of obtaining Parmigiano Reggiano. Contains galactose in quantities less than 0.01g / 100g “.

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that following periodic analysis on the lactose content on random samples of Parmigiano Reggiano from different ages, it was possible to demonstrate and confirm that the aging does not affect the lactose content present in Parmigiano Reggiano. The lactose value has always been below the detection limit of 0.01g / 100g.

The Consortium has also created the “100% natural” graphic symbol to indicate that Parmigiano Reggiano is not only naturally lactose-free, but is also free of additives and preservatives.

The King of cheeses therefore owes its unique and inimitable taste to just three simple ingredients: milk, rennet and salt.