Cocchi seeks with TOTO CORDE the expression of Piedmont’s centuries-old tradition of the classic method with the structure and power of grapes grown in the Alta Langa.
TOTOCORDE is the flagship label of Alta Langa DOCG.
It is a classic cuvée of Pinot noir and Chardonnay grapes.
Its quality comes from impeccable grapes, an expertise in making sparkling wines and a long fermentation for at least 48 months in our historic cellars.

80% Pinot Noir
20% Chardonnay
Harvesting of grapes by hand in crates.

The yield is low in fact the presses, filled with 4,500 kg of grapes, yield 2,650 liters of must from Pinot noir or 2,800 liters from Chardonnay.
The first fermentation takes place in steel vats for three weeks, after which the wine is kept cold to promote sedimentation of deposits.
The cuvée is created in late winter by combining Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays from the same vintage.
Frothing takes place in stacked bottles and is completed with long maturation in cool, dark conditions for 4 years. Remuage is strictly by hand on wooden pupitres with dégorgement à la glace.
A small dosage of liqueur d’expédition is added to perfect a well-balanced brut.

A beautiful straw color accompanies a very broad aromatic spectrum that pushes toward notes of candied citrus. In the mouth, thanks to the characteristic flavor of Alta Langa, it is particularly rich in matter with the same aromatic notes as in the nose and fine citron flavors.