Leon Beyer Winery’s Sylvaner is a wine with a straw-yellow color with greenish hues, hints of fruit, ripe pear and melon on the nose. The palate is fresh, fine, characterized by a pleasant fruity aftertaste and a finish of good persistence.

The Léon Beyer winery is located in Eguisheim, southwest of Colmar, a village with a tradition in winemaking that dates back to the Middle Ages-Eguisheim is therefore considered the cradle of the Alsatian vineyard. The Beyer family has been involved in viticulture since 1580 and, today, is in its 14th generation.

The Léon Beyer winery produces a wide range of wines made from Sylvaner, Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer grapes. The vineyards used by Léon Beyer enjoy the best exposures in Eguisheim. The grapes used come in part from estate vineyards and in part are the result of historical collaborations with small producers from whom the Beyers purchase grapes to make Classiques wines.

The most prestigious wines, however, are produced from the 20 hectares of estate vineyards, which include parcels in Eguisheim’s two Grands Crus: Eichberg and Pfersigberg. The Léon Beyer winery was a pioneer in the production of Alsatian dry wines, immediately realizing their great potential in pairing with food.