Cremes Langhe PDO is a wine with a deep purple-red color. The nose offers an intense range of fruity scents among which currant, black cherry jam and raspberry are predominant. Noble, with great balance and elegance and good complexity. Excellent almondy aftertaste in the finish.

Vinification: This wine is the result of a careful melange of Pinot Noir and Dolcetto.
The grapes are harvested separately, each at full maturity, and placed to ferment purely at a temperature of 28-30° C.
After completion of fermentation, the wine matures for a few months in wooden barrels .
It is later bottled and aged in the bottle.


Angelo Gaja represents the best not only of Piedmontese wines, but of all Made in Italy when it comes to wine.
Angelo, together with the constant support of his wife Lucia and children Gaia, Rossana and Giovanni, has succeeded in establishing the Gaja winery throughout the world, thanks to a commitment and vision that have literally shaped not only Barbaresco and Nebbiolo wines, but the entire wine market in recent decades. The Gaja winery, located in the historic center of the town of Barbaresco, produces wines that combine tradition and modernity.
With more than 92 hectares of estate vineyards managed with full respect for nature and the ecosystem, the winery has an average production of about 350 thousand bottles per year.