San Massimo Reserve Superfine Carnaroli Rice is grown within the San Massimo Reserve, a natural, unspoiled environment rich in biodiversity within the Ticino Park.

Water for irrigation gushes out very pure from fountains, enriching soils with natural organic substances.

Before it is packaged in a protective atmosphere, it is dried at low temperatures with a methane gas plant and then stone piled, as per tradition, to preserve all organoleptic qualities. A genuine rice, ideal for risotto, appreciated and recognized by the greatest international chefs thanks to its organoleptic characteristics: low glutinosity, perfect cooking tightness, rare grain compactness, high percentage of starch.
During cooking, it gently absorbs the flavors of the various ingredients by releasing its valuable starch, and then presents itself on the table with compact, homogeneous grains that even tend, as they cool, to return to “al dente.”

The quality of this excellent product can be felt at the first taste, revealing the scents of the nature reserve.

Nutritional values for / Nutritional values for / Nährwerte für / Valeurs nutritionnelles pour

100 g

Energy / Energie / Énergie

1424 kj

335 kcal

Fats/ Fat / Fett / Matières grasses

  • of which saturated fatty acids
  • Of which saturates fatty acids
  • davon gesattigte Fettsauren
  • dont: acides gras saturés

0,8 g

0,2 g

Carbohydrates / Carbohydrate / Kohlenhydrate / Glucides

  • of which sugars
  • of which sugar
  • davon Zucker
  • dont: sucres

75,1 g

0,7 g

Proteins / Proteins / Eiweib / Protéines

6,9 g

Salt/ Salt/ Sel

0,71 g