Parmigiano Reggiano Montecoppe aged 30 months is considered “extravecchio,” making it more crumbly and grainy.

The flavor is stronger and the spice and dried fruit notes are definitely predominant, but the cheese retains its characteristic “sweetness.” It has no sour or spicy sensation in the aftertaste.

Perfect paired with a glass of Franciacorta and onion jam.

Ingredients: MILK, salt, rennet.

500 g portion.


Expiration: 1 year from the packaging date on the label.

Once opened store in the refrigerator wrapped in food-grade plastic wrap.

Nutritional values for / Nutritional values for / Nährwerte für

100 g


1671 kj

402 kcal

of which saturated fatty acids
davon gesattigte Fettsauren
Of which saturates fatty acids

30 g

20 g

of which sugar/davon Zucker/of which sugar

0 g

0 g


32 g


1,6 g