Montecoppe’s Modena IGP Balsamic Vinegar Jelly is made with fresh and selected raw materials, and the respect of special timing and methods allow it to maintain colors and fragrances without resorting to preservatives, additives and thickeners.

It pairs perfectly with fresh cheeses, such as ricotta, and aged cheeses, such as Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Montecoppe aged 42 months.

After opening store in the refrigerator.

Montecoppe Balsamic Vinegar Modena IGP Jelly is sold in 120-gram jars.

Ingredients: “Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P. “* (cooked must, wine vinegar), sugar, water, thickener: pectin. *Contains Sulfites

Nutritional values for / Nutritional values for / Nährwerte für / Valeurs nutritionnelles pour

100 g

Energy / Energie / Énergie

733 kj

173 kcal

Fats/ Fat / Fett / Matières grasses
– of which saturated fatty acids
– Of which saturates fatty acids- davon gesattigte Fettsauren

– dont: acides gras saturés

<0,1 g

<0,1 g

Carbohydrates / Carbohydrate / Kohlenhydrate / Glucides

– of which sugars

– of which sugar

– davon Zucker

– dont: sucres

42,6 g

41,8 g

Proteins / Proteins / Eiweib / Protéines

0,53 g

Salt/ Salt/ Sel

<0,01 g