Nino di Capitelli cooked ham flake is made with raw material from domestic pork. Only the nut part is used to obtain a product with a full and delicate flavor but leaner than average.

The meat is wrapped in a rough protective cloth with which the curing and cooking stages take place, which is slow so as to achieve the melting of the fatty parts and the perfect browning of the lean parts.

It contains no dairy derivatives, polyphosphates, starches and is gluten-free.

Variable average weight 1 kg, 1,100 kg

Ingredients: Italian pork, salt, honey 2.4 percent, antioxidant: sodium L-ascorbate, preservatives: sodium nitrite, natural flavors.

Nutritional values for / Nutritional values for / Nährwerte für / Valeurs nutritionnelles pour

100 g

Energy / Energie / Énergie

688 kj

164 kcal

Fats/ Fat / Fett / Matières grasses

  • of which saturated fatty acids
  • Of which saturates fatty acids
  • davon gesattigte Fettsauren
  • dont: acides gras saturés

6,08 g

2,06 g

Carbohydrates / Carbohydrate / Kohlenhydrate / Glucides

  • of which sugars
  • of which sugar
  • davon Zucker
  • dont: sucres

0,46 g

<0,10 g

Proteins / Proteins / Eiweib / Protéines

26,75 g

Salt/ Salt/ Sel

1,43 g