“For a green and sustainable future”
Montecoppe, located in Collecchio, within the Boschi di Carrega Regional Park, is the first producer of Parmigiano Reggiano to join the KilometroVerdeParma Forestry Consortium, as an ordinary member. A project whose main objective is the creation of green areas and permanent afforestation of numerous land in Parma and its province .

The initiative aims to enhance the territory as a prerequisite for producing oxygen, filtering particulate particles deriving from pollution, mitigating the effect of heat islands, counteracting hydrogeological instability and ensuring the well-being of people thanks to widespread reforestation of which inhabitants will enjoy.

Montecoppe shares with the KilometroVerdeParma Consortium its determination to rethink more respectful urban settlements, that combined with sustainable forest management, constitute an essential resource for the protection of biodiversity, counteracting desertification and soil depletion.

Respect is the main cornerstone of the Montecoppe philosophy, which has always been sensitive to environmental issues that is committed to pursue in its daily operation. Located inside the Regional Park of the Woods of Carrega, Montecoppe protects this place by promoting agricultural practices that respect the surrounding fauna and vegetation; where we produce our supply chain Parmigiano Reggiano, protecting environment, animals and humans.

“We are glad to be part of this project for which Montecoppe shares the founding values. For many years, we have been involved with the management and protection of the wooded areas of our company, characterized by an alternation of woods and terrain dedicated to forage. Being the first producer of Parmigiano Reggiano to join this initiative makes us feel even closer to the territory which Montecoppe has an indissoluble bond with”, says Luca Rovesti, President of Società Agricola Montecoppe s.r.l.
This is the thought of Maria Paola Chiesi, President of the KilometroVerdeParma Consortium “The theme of forestation is highly topical: in the final declaration of the G20 summit in Rome, the political leaders of the most important countries in the world have committed themselves to planting collectively by 2030 1 trillion trees, this mainly to urgently combat soil degradation and create new carbon sinks, starting from the most degraded ecosystems. As a Consortium, we are convinced that planting trees is a duty and a necessity: we act locally, because change must start from each of us and it is important that everyone shares the commitment to guarantee a better present and future for the new generations and to our planet: we are confident that the participation of Montecoppe can be an inspiration for other entities of the agricultural sector. The real difficulty, in fact, is finding land to be used for reafforestation».

A challenge that Montecoppe accepts with the intention of doing its part, together with the other 59 consortium members, for making the city of Parma more and more green, sustainable and inclusive.